Tuesday, November 24, 2020

CAR-T therapies face logistical bottleneck as market set to see major growth

T-cells attacking cancer cell illustration of microscopic photosT-cells attacking cancer cell illustration of microscopic photos
Amid all the excitement around CAR-T cell therapies, some experts are concerned that a coming wave of new products on the market may overwhelm the medical centers that administer them. Because of this, they said, manufacturers need to streamline the processes that centers and physicians must undergo when giving them to patients. To illustrate,...

Zylpha’s new Hubshare integration allows Visualfiles users to collaborate for the first time

Hubshare Integration
An innovative new integration enables files stored in Visualfiles to be accessed collaboratively between departments or practices for the first time.The new product integration is the result of a strategic partnership between leading legal technology innovator Zylpha (www.zylpha.com) and Nikec Solutions, the developers of Hubshare, the extranet platform that streamlines...

National Health IT Week: HIMSS VP of Government Relations looks back on how it evolved

National Health IT Week: HIMSS VP of Government Relations looks back on how it evolved
As vice president of government relations at HIMSS, I actively participate in crucial conversations regarding U.S. health IT policy and regulations on a regular basis. Despite the ever-changing nature of health IT, one constant remains and drives my work each day: the gratification of watching an idea evolve into action. Strong ideas drive productive...

How digital therapeutics fit into the larger mental health ecosystem

Sad face depression
Nearly one in five Americans suffer from mental illness each year, according to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. More than half  that number don’t get the care necessary to treat their condition. There are many factors that have driven this trend including cultural stigma, but one major reason is...

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